Alteration Overview

Alteration refers to any change made to a pattern or garment that is being constructed or a change to a finished garment.

At The Sewing Center, our alteration services include bridal, couture, custom, costume, leather and suede, and museum or restorations. We alter clothes to fit your body. Expert clothing alterations can hide problem areas on the body and reduce inches without the use of shapewear or dieting. Instead of purchasing new clothes, bargain-lovers can apply minimal alterations to their existing clothing to update their old clothes effortlessly and inexpensively.

When it comes to how well you look in your clothing, a good fit makes all the difference.

Customer testimony from 2023:

"PURSE-verence! I have a black canvas Sherpani travel bag that I adore that I bought two summers ago. I use it a lot, and, admittedly, may stuff it to the gills. About three weeks ago, the zipper tore and I decided to see if I could fix it, vs. tossing the purse. I took it to Kiku at The Sewing Center, who said it may be difficult to find a zipper to fit and to figure out how to put the new one in. She said to give her some time to think about it, which I did. Bottom line, three weeks later, I picked up my purse and it's just like NEW! I was so thrilled, as was she! I call that PURSE-verence. She does outstanding work in alterations! We call her business, The Pink House. Located on South Rice, near the corner of Bissonnet in Bellaire. Thank You, Kiku!!!!"

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Shorten/lengthen | Take in/take out | Shorten sleeves | Replace waist elastic | Pants/skirts reline
Replace/reposition zipper | Replace Pocket | Taper legs | Add Lining | Shoulder pads | Buttonholes/buttons/snaps | Rip repair | Patchwork
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